Wednesday, August 31, 2005

gfortran/g95 and xspec

A few changes to run under the new gfortran (with gcc 4). In grad.f replace IMAG function with AIMAG. This should make no difference and AIMAG is the f90 standard. In calcml.f make sure that both arguments to SIGN are double precision.

Keywords: xspec, g95

long log filenames in xspec v11

Jeremy Sanders reported hitting occasional seg faults when using long log filenames. He traced this to an 80 char fixed length string in tcllog.c. I've increased this to 1024 chars. v11.3.2n.

Keywords: xspec

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Cleansis assumes that chips are square. However, the individual segments in the XIS are rectangular (4x as long in the RAWY direction as RAWX). So I modified cleansis to use internal image arrays set by the maximum of the RAWX and RAWY sizes. This is slightly inefficient use of memory but much easier than changing the program to use non-square internal images.

Keywords: heasoft, Suzaku, XIS

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Adami et al. identify 17 groups in the Coma cluster by combining X-ray and galaxy redshift information.

Wittman et al. present first results from their cluster survey based on weak lensing.

Peterson et al. propose a new inference method for the ICM describing clusters as a collection of smoothed plasma particles with temperature, location, size, and abundances. X-ray data are predicted and iterated using MCMC.

Croton et al. investigate the growth of galaxies and SMBH using semi-analytic models on top of very large LCDM simulations.


Finished the upgrade to genrsp (at least for the moment). Now v2.0. The major changes are
  1. Response energies and channel definitions can now be read from input (ascii) files. This required adding new parameters resp_reln, resp_file, chan_reln, chan_file.
  2. If the response energies and/or channel definitions are not read from the file then the parameters to define them have been altered to set the number of energies/channels rather than their size. This will allow an extension to logarithmic intervals at some time in the future.
  3. The response energy parameter names now all start resp_. To avoid possible confusion the resolution parameters res_reln and res_file have been renamed to resol_reln and resol_file
  4. The resol_file input file format has been altered to allow multiple response peaks. genrsp can now build a response with multiple gaussian peaks from a given input energy (eg photopeak and escapes). At present the input file is ascii but a FITS format will be supported when a standard has been defined.