Thursday, November 17, 2011

xspec patches 12.7.0p and q

12.7.0p Fix for the obscure case of a model containing both 1) frozen norm parameters AND 2) an unfrozen norm for an additive component to the left of a multiplicative component. When these conditions exist the renorm operation may break, causing a fit to go astray. Our thanks to Hauke Worpel for pointing this out. Report added on Oct 28, 2011.

12.7.0q Enhancements for PyXspec. This adds the object attribute Model.expression which stores the model expression string. It also adds AllModels.sources to the global AllModels container. This is a dictionary object containing the current source numbers with their assigned active models. Its key:value pairs are: [source number]:[model name]. Our thanks to Adam Mantz for these suggestions. Report added on Oct 28, 2011.