Friday, July 18, 2008

LISA xspec stuff current status creates input file correctly for time series data and this is fit using the mbht model. However, residuals show high frequency correlations presumably because noise is being
applied in frequency space in synthlisa. The and mbh model which work in frequency space are not working correctly - the model doesn't match the data when it should. All current changes are checked into the repository.

I'm not clear how and why the postBuffer is used - need to check this with Sean or Ira.

Larger question is how should the noise be generated ? Is it correct to do this in the frequency domain ? A better detector model may be required.

Monday, July 14, 2008

xspec patches

Some recent patches from the bugs page :

12.4.0ae When using the gsmooth or swind1 models, certain combinations of parameters can cause an invalid array access. On 64-bit Linux systems this will cause a crash. Our thanks to Curtis McCully for pointing this out. Report added on Jul 08, 2008.

12.4.0af When settings have changed through either the xsect or cosmo commands, the model calculations should be immediately updated. (This patch also improves the cosmo command-line parser.) Our thanks to Stefano Bianchi for pointing this out. Report added on Jul 08, 2008.

12.4.0ag The kerrd and nsa additive models will cause XSPEC to crash in certain cases, the latter primarily on Intel/Mac platforms. Report added on Jul 14, 2008.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

bug in genrsp

Allyn Tennant spotted a bug in genrsp when making a response for a grating. I'd missed a case when the channel boundaries are in decreasing energy order and the result was the center bin of the gaussian response was chopped out. This is fixed in v2.03.

Friday, July 04, 2008

extractor and filenames with "+"

Kim Page at Leicester reported that the HEAsoft 6.5 version of extractor dies when using a time filter if the filename contains a "+". It was interpreting this as an HDU number. Fixed this and checked in a change which will be included in extractor v5.0.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

xspec model library

At the request mainly of the ISIS folks I've managed to make a stripped-down HEAsoft 6.5 distribution which only includes the Xspec model library files to build only libXSFunctions, libXSUtil and libXS. I assume that the user has a cfitsio library already. Some minor hacks of the top level and Xspec configure files were necessary to make sure that hmake didn't try to build any heacore libraries. Also, moved some include files into Xspec/src/include from directories that otherwise aren't needed.