Thursday, January 22, 2009

xselect and region filters

I've added clarification to the on-line help for xselect about region filters. It is dangerous to make region filters in Image coordinates - the correct options are WCS or Physical. If the xselect image binning is not 1 then regions in Image coordinates will not be handled correctly.

Chandra CY11 webspec updated

Updated webspec with the final ARFs for Chandra Cycle 11.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

recent xspec patches

12.5.0j Parameter links both to and from a model which is not associated with any spectra (shown as "Active/Off" in the model display), should not be removed when the model's state gets updated (such as when using the dummyrsp command). Our thanks to Laura Brenneman for pointing this out. Report added on Dec 24, 2008.

12.5.0k The dummyrsp command may cause a crash when entering a very large number of energy bins. Our thanks to Joel Frioriksson for pointing this out. Report added on Dec 31, 2008.