Thursday, February 23, 2006


Humphrey et al. present Chandra results on 7 elliptical galaxies and find the data well fit by a model consisting of an NFW dark matter profile and a baryonic component following the optical light.

Ebeling et al. describe the ASMOOTH algorithm for adaptive smoothing to a constant S/N ratio.

Tozzi et al. summarize recent results from spectral analysis of sources in the CDFS.

Suyu et al. use Bayesian analysis to determine the optimal regularisation for source inversion in gravitational lensing.

Middleton et al. attempt to determine the spin of the BH in micro-quasar GRS1915+105 and conclude that jet production is likely powered by gravity not spin.

Brighenti & Mathews describe 2D gasdynamical models of jets in clusters and show that they can suppress the cooling and produce cluster temperature profiles similar to those observed.

Scarpa et al. look at the outskirts of globular clusters to see whether velocity dispersion falls off in Keplerian fashion. They find a flattening consistent with MOND or requiring DM which has not been suspected in these systems.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

plot mkf fix

The plot mkf command in xselect fails under Linux due to a string overwrite in xsel_ftools.f. The problem was a buffer array with fixed size in a subroutine. The size of the buffer has been increased and a warning added if the new size is too small.

Keywords: xselect, heasoft

Saturday, February 11, 2006

filter time file in xselect

The filter time file command assumes that the extension with the START and STOP times is the first extension in the file. Now generalized this so that it looks for the GTI extension.

UPDATE: Should have also looked for an STDGTI extension since this is written by maketime. Now fixed.

Keywords: xselect, heasoft