Friday, June 12, 2009

XSPEC bug fixes update

12.5.0af The zredden multiplicative model component is calling the same function as redden, and therefore its redshift parameter has no effect. Our thanks to Brian Refsdal for pointing this out. Report added on May 05, 2009.

12.5.0ag When in setplot wave mode and the user's Xspec.init file entry for WAVE_PLOT_UNITS is set to angstrom, plot efficiency and plot icounts don't display due to a missing plot label error. Our thanks to Maurice Leutenegger for pointing this out. Report added on May 08, 2009.

12.5.0ah Fix to sqrt(2) error in the definition of the thermal broadening used in APEC models. Our thanks to Irina Zhuravleva for pointing this out. Report added on May 21, 2009.

12.5.0ai This adds a new C-callable function to provide access to the version string for users linking the XSPEC models library into their own programs. The function is declared in src/XSUtil/FunctionUtils/xsFortran.h, and has the prototype:

int xs_getVersion(char* buffer, int buffSize);

Report added on May 22, 2009.

12.5.0aj The model command fails to parse expressions that are explicitly of the form: M(M1(A1)+M2(A2)+M3(A3)). Our thanks to Jeremy Sanders for pointing this out. Report added on May 22, 2009.

12.5.0ak When soft limits are in use during fitting, the pegged parameter test should be comparing the actual value against the hard limits, not the adjusted value. Otherwise the parameter may in some cases peg too soon. Report added on June 08, 2009.

12.5.0al The same sqrt(2) fix mentioned in patch 12.5.0ah is needed when thermal broadening is turned on for v2.0 NEI models. Our thanks to Richard Sturm for pointing this out. Report added on June 08, 2009.

xselect cleansis

Fixed a bug spotted by Ed Cackett that the iterate_clean parameter is not recognized. Just needed to add it to the xselect.key file.

Note that there are issues turning up using the probabilistic sisclean tool for bright Suzaku sources. There is a tendency for the core of the PSF to be removed. Suggested fixes are either to change the critical probability or turn the iteration off.