Tuesday, March 08, 2011

eqpair model and redshift convolution models

The next xspec release (due April-ish) will include eqpair as a standard model. At the prompting of Andrzej Zdziarski, I have added the ability to write out the temperature of the thermal electron distribution if chatter is set to 15. Andrzej notes that this provides an important self-consistency check.

Also at Andrzej's suggestion the new version will include zashift and zmshift convolution models to redshift additive and multiplicative components, respectively.

patch update

A couple of minor patches can be found at the usual place.

12.6.0y Both the writefits tcl script and the tclout error command fail when dealing with a scale or switch parameter. Our thanks to Juan Luna for pointing this out. Report added on Jan 31, 2011.

12.6.0z If a spectral data file has both quality and grouping columns, and all of the channel qualities are marked as bad, it will crash upon loading on Linux platforms. Our thanks to Fabio Pintore for pointing this out. Report added on Feb 09, 2011.