Thursday, December 16, 2004

compbb problems

Made some progress on a long-standing bug report from David Ballantyne. He found an instance where an error command failed when a new minimum was found then a negative flux model was generated. Managed to reproduce this in a simple script with particular values of the compbb parameters. Passed information onto Ken Ebisawa to see whether he has any ideas.

Also, noticed that if the energy range limits are changed but the blackbody and electron temperatures are not then the model is not updated properly. This bug probably never arises in practice. Reduced the number of calls to CMPBBK by a factor of 2. Checked in these changes but will wait for feedback from Ken before putting anything on the bugs page.

UPDATE: added to bugs page as 11.3.1p. Ken confirmed that David's problem was because the approximation used is only valid for kTe >> kT and his fit had kT > kTe.

Keywords: xspec, bug

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