Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Brandt and Hasinger review deep survey results from Chandra and XMM-Newton.

Norris discusses the management of astronomy data.

Zane and Turolla argue that there is evidence for a patchy surface temperature distribution on neutron stars and consider the theoretical and observational implications.

Fruscione et al. summarize the results of 1.5 years of XMM monitoring of NGC 4258 and combine with Chandra, ASCA and SAX archival data to give a nine-year time series of spectral changes. They argue that absorption changes are due to inhomogeneities in the warped rotating disk.

Ross and Fabian provide a wide-range of ionized reflection calculations available as a model REFLION for xspec.

McCarthy et al. explain the power-law entropy profiles in the cores of some massive cooling flows in the context of the Bertschinger (1989) cooling wave model. They find the the entropy profile depends only on the gravitational potential and the cooling function and propose this as a new way to measure the gravitational potential profile.

D'Agostino discusses hypothesis testing in the context of frequentist and Bayesian reasoning.

Keywords: AGN, neutron stars, clusters, statistics

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