Monday, October 31, 2005


Li-Xin Li & Paczynski present a new procedure for smoothing GRB lightcurves and calculating the variability. This leads to a very tight correlation between variability and peak luminosity.

Muanwong et al. use hydro simulations to investigate the evolution of X-ray cluster scaling relations under different mechanisms to increasing the entropy. They find indications that early, widespread pre-heating is favoured.

Dotti et al. study the inspiral of binary black holes inside a massive circum-nuclear disk.

Markwardt et al. present the first BAT serendipitous source catalog. The final catalog is expected to contain > 200 AGN and reach a limiting flux of 1e-11 in the 14-195 keV band.

Brewer & Lewis use Bayesian Inference and MCMC simulations on the strong gravitational lens problem.

Regimbau & Pacheco estimate the gravitational background from magnetars and note that it could mask a contribution from the early Universe.

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