Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Dupke & Bregman confirm their ASCA SIS Centaurus cluster velocity measurements using Chandra ACIS. They measure a velocity difference of 2.4 +/- 1 x 1e3 km/s.

Diehl & Statler present a technique for binning sparse X-ray imaging data based on weighted Voronoi tesselation which does not introduce the artefacts seen using csmooth. Open source code is available.

Bellazini et al. describe their integrated Gas Pixel Detector for X-ray polarimetry.

Rozanska et al. present warm absorber models for AGN from clouds under constant total (gas + radiation) pressure.

Brand et al. present results from the XBootes Chandra 9.3 sq deg shallow survey with deep optical follow-up. They find 47 sources that are blank-field down to R~25.5.

Bonamente et al. combine Chandra and OVRO data on 39 clusters to determine their distances using the SZ effect. They find H_0 = 77 with statistical errors of ~5 and systematic errors of ~10.

Hickox & Markevitch analyze the diffuse emission in the CDFN and CDFS and find that 79+/-8% of the 2-8 keV background has been resolved.

Peterson & Fabian review the X-ray spectroscopy of clusters of galaxies.

Daly & Djorgovski extend their model-independent approach to investigating dark energy.

Savage & Oliver present Bayesian source extraction methods.

Ford discusses efficient MCMC methods for analyzing the orbits of extrasolar planets including choice of the candidate transition probability function.

Rothman & Boughn consider whether it is possible to detect a single graviton and conclude that the answer is no when taking into account realistic physical conditions.

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