Monday, April 17, 2006


Hudson et al. analyze Chandra observations of the double jet radio source 3C 75 at the core of Abell 400 and conclude that the two AGN are a bound system from a previous merger.

Rigby et al. consider why half of X-ray selected AGN are optically dull and conclude that extranuclear dust in the host galaxy plays an important role.

Stewart describes a procedure for matched filter detection of point sources in XMM images.

Ettori & Fabian argue that He sedimentation timescales in clusters were lower in the past leading to supersolar He abundances in the cores. This has the effect of reducing the measured metal abundances in these regions.

Wilson et al. use Chandra observations to investigate the bright limbs of the cavities in Cygnus A finding a weak shock and suggesting that the jet power is going into heating the ICM.

Barkhouse et al. present a survey for X-ray detected clusters in 130 archival Chandra pointings that are part of CHAMP.

Sandage et al. summarize their 15 year program to calibrate the SN Ia Hubble diagram using HST observations of Cepheids in nearby galaxies. They derive H0 = 62.3 +/- 1.5 (stat) +/- 5.0 (syst).

Kaaret et al find a 62 +/- 2.5 day period in the X-rays from the ULX source in M82.

Egami et al. describe Spitzer observations of BCGs and note an overall trend that clusters with shorter cooling times harbor more IR luminous BCGs.

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