Tuesday, May 30, 2006

xselect and XMM response generation

Modified the XMM EPIC response generation perl script so that it uses the badpixel data. This required a new perl script (and code in xselect to call it) which copies the appropriate BADPIX## and EXPOSU## extensions from the event file to the spectrum file. At present this requires that there only be one event file from which the spectrum was extracted. If there are multiple event files then the user is advised to do an "extract event" then save the spectrum.

Moved XSL_RSPSAV from xsel_mission.f to xsel_utils.f since it has no mission-dependent code. Note that I slightly changed the behaviour of XSL_GRPSAV in the event that something goes wrong in getting the grouping.

Keywords: HEAsoft, xselect, XMM

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