Friday, July 07, 2006

pgplot /gif and /ppm drivers

Created C implementations of the pgplot /gif and /ppm drivers. The fortran versions of these use %VAL so fail on some fortran compilers. Used f2c to create a candidate C version then did a fair amount of tidying up. Confirmed that the drivers work correctly under Tiger but they may need tweaking for other systems.

Update: Added C implementation of pgplot /wd driver. More careful testing showed up a few discrepancies between the output files from the Fortran and C versions. After fixing some bugs the /ppm and /wd drivers produced identical binary output files from the Fortran and C versions. The /gif drivers produced small differences however these output files appear to be time-dependent since both the Fortran and C implementations produce slightly different binary files in successive runs. This was because the CODE array was not completely initialized to zero (one dimension was looped from 0 to 4095 not 0 to 4097 as required).

Keywords : heasoft, pgplot

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