Friday, October 27, 2006


Gott et al. compare the topology of large scale structure observed using the SDSS with cosmological simulations.

Jimenez et al. use SDSS spectra of 22000 early-type galaxies to study ages, metallicities and star formation histories. Large galaxies have older stars and chemical enrichment lasts 1-2 Gyr.

Burenin et al. present the results of their 400 sq deg ROSAT PSPC galaxy cluster survey including 266 optically identified clusters, groups, or individual galaxies.

Law et al. find no evidence to suggest that the morphologically irregular galaxies at z~2-3 are due to galaxy mergers.

Mathews et al. find that the large scatter in Lx/Lopt for elliptical galaxies can be attributed to variations in the dark halo mass.

Agol provides a comprehensive set of relations for the efficiency of finding extrasolar planets i coronagraphic surveys.

Lahav offers an astronomical view on astrostatistics.

Guainazzi & Bianchi present the results of XMM RGS observations of 69 obscured AGN which support the scenario that the soft excess is due to photoionization of circumnuclear gas.

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