Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Gogus et al. point out that supposing Compton scattering dilutes the NS rotation signature in LMXBs also predicts a hard tail from upscattering of NS surface soft photons and this is not seen.

In the first of a series of papers Young & Fryer look at the uncertainties in element yields from SN explosion models.

Lin & Mohr survey radio sources in 573 clusters using data from the NVSS and note that as many as 10% of clusters may have 150 GHz fluxes from AGN comparable to the SZ signal.

Kashlinsky et al. extend their P(D) analysis of Spitzer data to the GOODS dataset and find further evidence for extragalactic fluctuations. In another paper they also discuss the nature of the sources.

Finoguenov et al. report on cluster detections in the first 36 pointings of the XMM-COSMOS survey.

Hayashi et al. simulate the cores of galaxy-sized dark matter haloes and find that the ellipticity increases towards the center. This may explain the observed flattening of velocity profiles in LSB galaxies.

Hopman et al. estimate the expected LISA signal from GW bursts caused by stars in close orbits with the Galactic Center BH.

Jetha et al. study 15 groups with Chandra and find no significant differences in gas profiles between those with radio-loud and radio-quiet BCGs.

Begelman & Pringle consider accretion disks with toroidal magnetic fields and find they are thicker than standard disks for the same radius and accretion rate and have a higher color temperature.

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