Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Portegies Swart et al. test using modern Graphics Processing Units to perform N-body calculations and conclude they show some cost and reliability benefits over specialised hardware.

Brownstein & Moffatt argue that the bullet cluster results are consistent with modified gravity and not with dark matter.

Evrard et al. use an ensemble of heirarchical clustering simulations to argue that sigma_8 = 0.8 in contrast to the best-fit number of 0.69 favored by recent WMAP and SDSS analysis.

Lodato & Natarajan derive the seed function of mass BHs at z~15.

Krongold et al. use an XMM observation of NGC4051 to track changes in the ionization state of the warm absorber and deduce that it comes from an accretion disk wind not the dusty torus.

Schafer provides a statistically rigorous method of estimating luminosity function using truncated data.

Rossetti & Molendi fire back in the controversy over the existence of a non-thermal tail in the X-ray spectrum of the Coma cluster.

Medvedev examines evaporation rates of hot gas from clusters as a possible explanation of recent S-Z results and concludes that for the mechanism to work magnetic fields must be non-existent or highly ordered.

Seto & Cooray discuss a technique for placing limits on primordial BH densities by using pulsar timing measurements to look for impulsive accelerations on the Earth.

Linder & Miquel warn against applying model selection procedures in cosmology without adequate thought about physics.

Hickox & Markevitch look at Chandra deep field data excluding all known HST and Spitzer sources to provide a limit on X-ray emission from the WHIM.

Fusco-Femiano et al. continue the data about the Coma hard X-ray emission.

Chen et al. use ROSAT and ASCA observations of HIFLUGCS clusters to investigate the statistical properties of cooling cores.

Zavlin reviews what is known about thermal emission from neutron stars.

Johnstone et al. analyze the Spitzer 10-37 micron spectra from off-nuclear regions in NGC1275 and 4696.

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