Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Gliozzi et al. describe Chandra observations of three Sy IIs whose variability and spectral properties are similar to Sy Is implying these may be AGN without a BLR.

Heavens et al. extend the Fisher Matrix to provide a way of estimating how good a planned experiment will be at distinguishing between different models.

Gilmore reviews the six types of stellar populations in the Galaxy and what can be learned from their study.

Liddle et al reply to a critique of Bayesian model selection by Linder & Miquel noting that the latter authors have made three serious errors in understanding the conceptual underpinnings of the method.

Ignatiev discusses a possible terrestrial test for MOND !

Mahdavi et al. present a joint X-ray, SZ, and weak-lensing analysis of A478.

Ebeling et al. provide a statistically complete subset of the 12 most massive clusters at z>0.5 found in MACS.

Micic et al. estimate the evolution of seed BHs to IMBH and SMBH using cosmological N-body simulations.

Boehringer et al. introduce a survey with XMM of a representative sample of clusters which is designed to investigate the uncertainties in determining cosmological parameters from X-ray cluster surveys.

Smith et al. investigate biassing effects in measuring the baryonic acoustic signature.

Maughan uses his sample of 116 clusters observed using Chandra to investigate the Lx-Yx relation and finds that excludes cores produces a tight relation with 11% scatter in Lx.

Padmanabhan et al. achieve a ~1% photometric calibration of the SDSS.

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