Thursday, May 03, 2007


Stanek proposes a an alternative history version of astro-ph for failed telescope and other proposals. Probably should have come out on Apr 1.

Feroz & Hobson describe an efficient sampling method for multimodel and/or degenerate distributions when calculating Bayesian evidence.

Hallman et al. use numerical simulations to show that using beta-model fits to X-ray data in the analysis of SZE observations leads to systematic biases and suggest a simple correction.

Miller reviews relativistic X-ray lines from the inner regions of accretion disks.

Magliocchetti & Bruggen combine X-ray data from the REFLEX and NORAS samples and radio data from the NVSS to investigate the effects of radio sources on the cluster L_X-T relation.

Kitaura & Ensslin survey Bayesian reconstruction schemes for large-scale structure.

Kerkyacharian et al. present a new estimation method for the inverse problem building on SVD decomposition.

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