Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cisco VPN client and Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

Working on setting up my new Dell laptop which came preinstalled with Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. A little work needed with the Cisco VPN client - the version downloaded from Goddard CNE needs patching for recent versions of Linux. Fortunately, there are really helpful instructions on using the VPN client available. Tricks I had to do were
sudo chmod 4111 /opt/cisco-vpnclient/bin/cvpnd
/etc/init.d/vpnclient_init restart

to get round the error messages
privsep: unable to drop privileges: group set failed.
The application was unable to communicate with the VPN sub-system.

then I got
Initializing the VPN connection.
Initiating TCP to, port 10005
Secure VPN Connection terminated locally by the Client
Reason: Failed to establish a VPN connection.
There are no new notification messages at this time.

This occurs if both the wireless and ethernet connections are enabled at the same time. I turned off the ethernet connection by going to Network Settings selecting Wired Connection then clicking on Properties followed by checking the Enable Roaming Mode box.


Rob Lauer said...

Thank you .. .thank you ... thank you. Never would have thought of disabling eth0 when I was using wireless. googled my ass off to find this post!

uiyui said...
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alex smith said...

Checkpoint is promoting its Virtual Private Network (vpn) strategy, which combines firewall software with encryption technology and access control, so that data transmissions are secured. Bennett added that...

Mary said...

I am also using a Dell Unit.Latitude. I have same set up and it worked for me too. I used to have a terrible connection since the VDN I used was a bit old school. Thank you for this post!

Mary said...
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