Thursday, August 16, 2007

building lisatools

Building lisatools using the instructions provided by Michele. A few things to note :

1. The correct svn command is
svn co lisatools

2. The build of synthLISA fails with a C++ error. This is because python2.5 requires the
SWIGged files to have been created by swig 1.3.31, not the swig 1.3.29 in lisatools. Grabbed
the new gzipped swig from sourceforge and replaced in lisatools/Packages. Then edited to use 1.3.31 instead of 1.3.29.

3. This still fails because the SWIGged files are not created in the standard build. Deleted
lisasim/{lisasim-swig_wrap.cpp,} then built synthLISA using the in
synthLISA-1.3.3. Note that if I rerun the it reextracts the contents of the
tarfile and puts back the two files I just deleted.

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