Thursday, October 18, 2007


Spent some time working on webspec. Main changes are to the look : the front page is more compact so I don't have to scroll down to hit the button; the advanced page allows up to 9 components; the basic and advanced pages both read the list of missions from the same file so they won't fall out of step as in the past; the page to set exposure and parameters has been tidied up a bit; the results page now has the plot next to the set of options to change plotting parameters.

I would like to have the replot option simply change the plot on the current results page rather than opening a new page however this would involve substantial programming changes. Another nice option would be the ability to make contour plots (by running steppar) however this is a potentially huge cpu hog and I'm not sure we want to do this on the main web servers. Perhaps this would be better as part of heraspec.

UPDATE: Fixed a problem that appeared under Safari - the check box for background was not coming up checked by default because I put checked inside double quotes in the html input tag.

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