Tuesday, April 08, 2008

setplot wave units in xspec

Changed the plotting units for the setplot wave option. Now showing f_nu and variants instead of f_lambda. The model and ufspec y-axis is photons/cm^2/s/Hz; emodel and eufspec are in Jansky (1e-23 erg/cm^2/s/Hz); eemodel and eeufspec in keV Jy. The latter is a bizarre mixed unit but it isn't clear to me what to use here. It might be an idea to have an option for the user to switch between f_lambda and f_nu.

Updated: decided that for the eemodel/eeufspec plots the units should be erg/cm^2/s corresponding to standard nu F_nu plots.

Independently, I fixed an error in setting the y-axis range for eufspec and eeufspec under setplot wave.


patespesto said...


I am looking for any way of plotting models using xspec in nu F_nu units (erg/cm^2/s instead of keV^2(photons/cm^2/s/keV)), and I saw this post. Is there any way to get this? Or isn't it available yet?


Keith Arnaud said...

This isn't in a release yet. If you want it urgently and have your own source code version of xspec I can give you the files that need changing.

patespesto said...

Well, this is not urgent, but if it's not too complicated, I would be quite interested