Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fixed bug in new extractor

Pre-release testing on the Swift pipeline showed up an embarrassing bug in extractor v5 - the BACKSCAL keyword was not written correctly. This is now fixed in v5.02.

There was also a problem writing out the ROTBOX shape in the REGION extension. Further, Swift software does not recognize ROTBOX at present so I changed this to BOX even when there is a rotation angle. This may produce problems with other missions. These changes are v5.03.

And another bug this time when writing the REGION extension in the case when the input event file already has one and further region filtering is performed by extractor. v5.04.

More minor fixes. Removed the reference to number of events rejected because they fall outside the region (which extractor can no longer no). Eliminated duplication of identical regions in the same component being written to the REGION extension. v5.05.

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