Monday, May 09, 2005

gauss model in v11

John Houck and Mike Nowak spotted a potential problem with xsgaul.f when the gaussian line extends beyond the lowest energy channel. Fixed this as 11.3.2d.

I then noticed that a number of models are not in sync between v11 and v12. It looks like a number of minor bug fixes and enhancements made over the last couple of years didn't make it into the files in the XSFunctions directory. Files changed are compbb.f, cont.f, ionsneqs.f, ldaped.f, neispec.f, oneispec.f, pileup.f, reflct.f, smdem2.f, sumape.f, sumdem.f, xeq.f, xsdskb.f,
xseq.f, xsgaul.f, xsnteea.f, xsvape.f

Keywords: xspec

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