Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Williams et al. discuss Chandra and FUSE absorption lines towards Mkn421 and argue that they have detected the IGM at z~0.

Finoguenov et al analyze an XMM mosaic of A3266 and find an extended region of low entropy gas which they interpret as stripped from an infalling subcluster core.

Wolfe and Melia argue that continuous stochastic acceleration cannot explain the hard X-ray emission from Coma because the energy gained by the particles is redistributed over the whole plasma on a fast timescale.

Crawford et al. present optical and Chandra observations of the filament in A1795.

Willis et al. claim detections of polarization in GRB based on detailed modelling of Compton scattering of the prompt emission off the Earth's atmosphere.

Berger et al. present the results of optical, near-IR and radio follow-ups of Swift bursts. Up to a third of the bursts may be dark.

Subramanian et al. discuss turbulence and magnetic fields in the ICM.

Brogan et al. identify a HESS source with a source of non-thermal radio and X-ray emission due to a young shell-type SNR.


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