Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Udalski et al. (the OGLE team) find a second case of a Jupiter mass planet using gravitational microlensing.

Thomas et al. consider the effects of GRBs on the Earth and in particular whether a nearby GRB could be an initiator of a mass extinction event.

Ensslin & Vogt develop an analytic model for magnetic turbulence in cool cores of clusters.

Brighenti & Matthews suggest that a fraction of the Fe from SNI in early-type galaxies could rapidly radiatively cool and hence not be measured using X-ray observations.

Glazebrook & Blake calculate the sensitivities of very large redshift surveys to measure the baryon oscillations and hence determine the evolution of dark energy.

Pilla et al. describe a score test for distinguishing a new source from a random fluctuation.

Young et al. analyze a 522 ksec Chandra HETG observation of MCG-6-30-15 and conclude that the spectrum is consistent with a broad relativistic line round a fast rotating SMBH.

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