Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Mannheim reviews the underpinnings of standard gravity theory and considers what is required to explain dark matter and energy as errors in the current theory.

Jacobsen et al. review the prospects for detecting possible Lorentz violations predicted by quantum gravity theories.

Takizawa presents 3-D hydro simulations of a moving substructure in the ICM.

Clarkson & Maartens argue that if string theory is correct and the Universe is an embedded 3-brane then this will introduce oscillations in the GW signal from BHs.

Treister & Urry show that the optical/IR/X-ray content of deep surveys and the spectral shape of the XRB can be explained by a model with a constant ratio of obscured to unobscured AGN.

Kocsis et al. calculate LISA error ellipses for BH mergers and argue that if they are accompanied by Eddington-limit quasar activity they can be uniquely identified to z~1.

Buote et al. present Chandra observations of A644, a radio-quiet cool-core cluster. They find that the inward decline in temperature and entropy reverses inside the core. The peak is offset from the centroid with the cD midway between suggesting a merger.

Finoguenov et al. put together XMM samples of groups and galaxies to confirm an entropy ramp as the explanation for the scaling relations and find a mild evolution in entropy of clusters.

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