Monday, December 19, 2005


Badenes et al. compare the XMM and Chandra observations of Tycho with detailed hydro calculations of a variety of proposed models for SNIa and find the observations are consistent with a 1-D delayed detonation model.

Weinberg discusses multiverses and anthropic arguments.

Mathews et al. show that spherical shock waves in the ICM dissipate most of their energy near the center of the cluster causing temperatures higher than observed hence are not good candidates for solving the cooling flow problem.

Henry et al. present the results from the complete ROSAT NEP survey.

Haehnelt et al. suggest that the bright QSO HE0450 which has no detected galaxy is an SMBH ejected from its galaxy during a merger. However Merritt et al. argue against this since the kick velocity required is too large and claim that previous observations have overestimated the size of the SMBH and hence the expected luminosity of the underlying galaxy.

Bregman et al. summarize their results of OVI observations of 24 galaxies using FUSE. They find a correlation between the cooling flow rate from OVI and that from X-rays but with a large scatter. The cause of the scatter is not clear but is not obviously due to heating.

Weisskopf & Hughes give an overview of the first 6 years of Chandra observations of SNR.

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