Thursday, December 22, 2005


Crummy et al. fit XMM spectra from a sample of SyI with a relativistically-blurred photoionized disc and find this model reproduces the continuum shape, including the soft excess and many features usually interpreted as absorption, in all sources.

Fabbiano reviews X-ray source populations in galaxies.

Vernaleo & Reynolds perform 3-D hydro simulations of jets in the ICM and find that the jet energy input cannot halt the cooling flow because the energy is transmitted out of the cooling region along a low-density channel.

Sun et al. observe a 70 kpc tail behind a late-type galaxy in A3627 and use this to place constraints on turbulence in the ICM.

Jahoda et al. summarize the RXTE PCA calibration.

Hamilton et al. use archival WFPC2 imaging of 70 QSOs to find a relation between nuclear luminosity and the size and effective surface magnitude of the bulge.

Bridges et al. present a Bayesian analysis of the primordial power-law spectrum.

Baker et al. present new numerical GR techniques which enable accurate determination of GW signal from merging BHs.

Hughes motivates the widespread acceptance of BHs and describes planned tests of the hypothesis.

Nath et al. consider the production of Li6 by spallation of cosmic rays on ambient gas and show that the amount of energy generated is consistent with the extra entropy seen in the ICM.

Agueros et al. cross-correlate the RASS and SDSS looking for X-ray sources with no optical counterparts as a way of searching for isolated NS.

Cappi et al. present the results from a complete XMM survey of nearby AGN and find results broadly in agreement with the standard unified model.

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