Friday, November 02, 2007


Jasra et al. present a population-based Reversible Jump MCMC method and argue that it works better than other MCMC methods on high dimension problems.

Hardcastle et al. report on an accumulated 700ksec observation of the Cen A jet which shows that the outer part of the jet requires an as yet unknown distributed acceleration mechanism.

Gierlinski et al. argue that the high frequency end of the power density spectrum in the hard states of BH sources is invariant in shape and the amplitude provides an estimate of the mass.

Snowden et al. present a catolog of 70 XMM cluster observations with a detailed description of their handling of background.

Lang & Hughes investigate the ability of GW observations to localize a SMBH-SMBH merger.

Narayan et al. fit Novikov-Thorne thin disk models to X-ray transients in the thermal state and estimate black hole rotation rates.

Mahdavi et al. compare weak lensing and X-ray measures of mass and find evidence for non-thermal pressure support.

Bianchi et al. use XMM and optical observations of NGC3147 to show that it has no intrinsic X-ray absorption but also no optical broad lines.

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