Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Flegal et al. discuss error estimation methods for MCMC computations.

Clifford Will notes that if there are stars in highly eccentric short period orbits (<~0.1 year) around Sgr A* they could be used to test the no-hair theorem. Cen & Fang show that GRBs may be biased tracers of star formation.

Eckert et al. use Integral IBIS imaging of the Coma cluster to find a hard X-ray source extending in the direction of the sub-cluster and co-incident with 1.4 GHz emission.

Ajith et al. construct a template bank for the GW signal from coalescing non-spinning BHs.

Ishak et al. show that gravitational lensing has a dependence on the cosmological constant and that current observations place an upper limit which is competitive with values determined from cosmology.

Davison & Sartori present their approach to the "Banff Challenge" of finding a signal in noisy particle physics data.

Dimopoulos et al. propose GW detection using atom interferometry which has the potential to be more sensitive than LIGO from the ground and LISA from space.

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