Friday, November 07, 2008


Jörn Wilms pointed out it would be really useful in xspec to be able to write a bunch of information including best-fit parameters and errors to a single row in a FITS file. I've added a script writeFITS.tcl to do this. It either creates a new file or appends to an existing one. Obviously, this is not a general solution for all the information a user might want to save however it can easily be modified to save additional information.


Dave Strickland. said...

Hi Keith,

On the subject of saving fitting results to fits files, how about being able to save the results of a steppar (in particular a 2-parameter steppar) to a fits file?


Keith Arnaud said...


You can get the results from steppar into Tcl variables using tclout steppar so it will be easy to modify writefits.tcl to save them to a fits file. I'm not going to supply lots of scripts to write different things to fits because there are so many choices. It's better to supply a template script that anyone can build on.