Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Cooray & Seto argue that LISA will be able to determine the distance to the LMC using observations of close WD binaries. Their estimated uncertainty is competitive to that from SIM or GAIA.

Merritt et al. argue that luminosity distributions of early-type galaxies and mass profiles of LCDM halos can be described by a Sersic law (log slope of projected density is a power-law of radius). This works better than NFW for LCDM halos.

Enoki et al. calculate gravitation radiation from merging SMBHs using a semi-analytic model of galaxy and quasar formation.

Mainieri et al. look at optically faint X-ray sources in the CDFS and use photometric redshifts to examine the distribution of sources too faint for spectroscopy. They still find an overdensity of z<1 sources wrt background synthesis models. 25% of the sources are absorbed QSOs.

Anania & Makoid argue that the Pioneer 10 anomalous acceleration can be explained by bending of background gravity behind the Sun (analogous to light bending).

Keywords: Gravitational waves, dark matter halos, AGN

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