Wednesday, March 23, 2005

xspec v12 local model issues

Tried out building v12 local models. Firstly, note that initpackage didn't run standalone because it looks for environment variable XSPECROOT which is set when xspec starts up. Fixed this by looking instead for HEADAS. Also, trapped case of HEADAS not being set (which means getenv returns a null pointer). Note that when running standalone the user has to follow initpackage with an hmake in the directory with the local model code. When using the initpackage command from within xspec this happens automatically.

Old v11 models that include don't work at the moment. initpackage needs to copy the
include/xspec.h file into an file in the directory with the local model code.

The v12 local model paradigm doesn't work under OS X for fortran routines including common blocks because these cannot be placed in a dynamic library. Note that any fortran routine which includes falls in this category. We will have to either require no fortran common blocks in local models under OS X or provide an alternative mechanism to build static libraries which would be linked into the xspec executable when it is built.

Keywords: xspec, heasoft

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