Monday, March 14, 2005


Fabian et al. present initial results from a 200 ksec Chandra observation of the Centaurus cluster. They see bubbles, semi-circular edges and filaments. Some edges have sharp temperature increases and abundance drops.

Barcons et al. find a single absorption line in a 93 ksec XMM-Newton RGS spectrum of the Bl Lac PKS 0548-322. If this line is OVI then the absorber is at z=0.058. The column is however much larger than expected.

Rhook & Wyithe calculate LISA detection rates for SMBH mergers and predict ~15/year with S/N > 5.

Bauer et al. use Chandra to study 38 X-ray luminous clusters in z ~0.15-0.4 and find 55% have cool cores and 34% have t_cool less than 2 Gyr.

Zane et al. find a possible absorption feature in the XMM PN&MOS spectra of the isolated NS RBS 1774.

Keywords: clusters, IGM, SMBH, GW, NS

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