Monday, April 04, 2005


Wyithe extends the log-linear relationship between SMBH mass and spheroid velocity dispersion to a log-quadratic relationship predicting much higher densities of very massive (>1e10) BHs.

Charbonneau et al. detect IR emission from the eclipsing planet TrES-1.

Deming et al. detect IR emission from eclipsing planet HD209458b. The find that high orbital eccentricity is unlikely ruling out the possibility of tidal heating causing the planet's anomalously large radius.

Ledlow, Owen & Miller have spectroscopically identified 77 new members of the Cygnus-A cluster bringing the total to 118. They suggest the system is a merger between two Abell richness class I clusters viewed at a projection angle of 30-45 degrees, 0.2-0.6 Gyrs before core passage.

Hamilton presents lectures on cosmological power spectrum estimation. The first covers basics and the second linear max. likelihood.

Melott et al. suggest that the late Ordovician mass extinction event may have been due to a Galactic GRB.

Keywords: SMBH, extrasolar planets

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