Monday, April 04, 2005


Wilson et al. find clusters in 0.09 < z < 1.6 using a R-[3.6] colour from Spitzer.

Colafrancesco calculates the SZ effect from ICM cavities.

Brueggen et al. calculate ICM bulk motion Doppler shifts and find that the kinetic luminosity of an AGN in the center of the cluster can be estimated with 10 eV spectral resolution instruments.

Miller et al. present the C4 catalog of 748 clusters of galaxies found in the SDSS Second Data Release which covers approximately 2600 square degrees.

Humphrey & Buote study the X-ray properties of a sample of 28 early-type galaxies. They find no evidence that the ISM is more metal-poor than the stars. They do find the low O to Mg abundance ratios seen in centers of groups and clusters and such they are due to an additional source of alpha-element enrichment, perhaps pop III.

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