Friday, April 22, 2005

xspec 11.3.2 patches

Added 3 patches for 11.3.2.

11.3.2a The new cfitsio seg faults on a call to ftgcvs if the column number is zero even if the input status is non-zero (and hence should just fall through). This broke reading type II pha files. I worked around the problem by modifying rdsfg2.f so it doesn't call ftgcvs with zero column number.

11.3.2b Roderick pointed out that under v12 model functions look for data in fgmodf but in v11 they use fgdatd. This makes it annoying for anyone trying to supply a local model for both versions. I fixed this by adding a fgmodf entry for v11 which returns the same directory as fgdatd.

11.3.2c The compps model seg faulted under Linux due to variables not being saved. I thought I'd caught all these but perhaps Juri added these after my last round of changes.

Keywords: xspec, heasoft

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