Thursday, July 07, 2005


Lehmer et al. present sources in the CDFS flanking fields.

Alexander et al. show that 75% of the SCUBA sources in the CDFN harbor AGN.

Kino & Kawakatu use the cocoon to estimate the kinetic power and age of Cygnus-A.

Famaey & Binney argue that inner Milky Way dynamics excludes Bekenstein's covariant gravity formulation of MOND.

Haiman et al. describe using a 100,000 cluster X-ray survey to place constraints on Dark Energy.

Canizares et al. describe the Chandra HETG and its in-flight performance.

Heinz & Churazov argue that bubbles of relativistic gas in the ICM act as catalysts converting sound and shock waves to heat.

Crotts et al. present a white paper proposal for JEDI, a 2m space telescope with wide-field imaging and multi-slit spectroscopy capable of doing SNIa, baryon oscillation, and weak lensing studies.

Vikhlinin et al. analyze Chandra data on 13 nearby clusters and derive temperature and density profiles out to large radii. f_gas profiles don't reach Universal values till r > r_2500.

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