Friday, July 22, 2005


Boehringer et al. find a massive cooling flow cluster RXCJ1504.1-0248 with a central giant elliptical hosting a known radio source.

Pope et al. investigate the effects of thermal conduction on the ICM using a 3-d model of the Virgo cluster. They find little effect for any physically reasonable values of the conduction.

Finoguenov et al. study the 2-D structure of the nearly volume- limited subset of REFLEX clusters at z~0.3.

Glazebrook et al. summarize a proposed Gemini/Subaru wide field redshift survey with the goal of measuring the baryon oscillations using 2.6 million galaxies.

Warren et al. present evidence from Chandra that cosmic ray acceleration is occurring at the Tycho forward shock.

Bocchino et al. argue that G21.5 X-ray halo can be described as dust scattering from the plerion, particle acceleration in the fast forward shock, and a bright spot which may be ejecta in adiabatic expansion.

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