Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Suzaku and xselect

Added a SUZAKU mission to xselect.mdb. Also switched catnum from 0 to 1 since the primary header doesn't appear to contain the descriptive keywords.

Set ccol to PIXEL to ensure that DSS keywords are updated when region filtering. Note that this requires the input event files to have the DSS keywords for PIXEL set up with one keyword per pixel eg DSTYP1='PIXEL', DSVAL1='0:0', 2DSVAL1='1:1',...,32DSVAL1='31:31'. Only one time DSS keyword set is required however (DSTYP2='TIME', DSVAL2='TABLE', DSREF2=':GTI') unless at some point we require separate GTI extensions for each pixel.

With these changes it is now possible to select pixels either by FILTER COLUMN with the argument eg PIXEL=0:5 10:12 or by the standard region filtering which will include all pixels with an events included in the (X,Y) region.

Keywords : heasoft, xselect, Suzaku

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