Thursday, September 01, 2005


Pradas & Kerp study the effects of proton flares on XMM EPIC MOS and PN detectors. The find an unreported soft (<0.5 keV) additional background in MOS1.

Hicks & Mushotzky analyze XMM OM data from a sample of 33 galaxies and find a significant UV excess in many central galaxies in cooling flow clusters.

Chluba & Sunyaev point out that induced emission of the softer photon slightly increases the two-photon decay rate of the 2s level of hydrogen. This is important for calculations of cosmological reionization and changes CMB temperature and polarization anisotropies.

Hilton et al. cross-correlate the 2dFGRS and REFLEX.

Gallo et al. find a possible line-like emission feature at 8 keV in an XMM spectrum of a Sy 1.2.

Kirsch et al. give the results of XMM observations of the Crab and discuss its use as an X-ray calibrator.

Kirsch et al. present trend data for the XMM EPIC detectors.

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