Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Aharonian et al. report on the HESS detection of >100 GeV photons from a candidate microquasar.

Shafee et al. estimate the BH spin for a couple of XRBs using spectral fits to the contiuum.

Kawanaka et al. calculate Fe line profiles from coronae heated by magnetic reconnection.

Page et al. summarize XMM observations of 29 quasars at z > 2. No Fe lines or reflection humps are observed.

Dupuis & Woan present a method of searching for GW signals from known radio pulsars.

Qin et al. argue that the flat cores in dark matter haloes could be explained if there are 3 large extra dimensions of nm size.

Donahue et al. present Chandra observations of two cool core clusters with no evidence for a central AGN. They find no cavities, no central temperature gradients, and a higher entropy than other cores. One explanation is a major heating event ~1 Gyr ago.

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