Thursday, September 01, 2005


Fujita & Suzuki show that heating of cluster cores by sound waves combined with thermal conduction from the outer regions can reproduce the X-ray observations of cooling flows.

Gebhardt et al. use new Keck and HST data to argue the correctness of their 2002 claim that the globular cluster G1 contains a 1e4 Solar mass BH.

Dhurandhar et al. present a model of the LISA spacecraft constellation.

Prochaska et al. present echelle spectroscopic results from GRB050730 at z=3.969 and obtain extensive diagnostics on the ISM of the host galaxy including its metallicity at 0.01 Solar.

Gair et al. give new more accurate expressions for the energy and angular momentum lost by a compact object during a parabolic encounter with a non-spinning BH.


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