Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Williams et al. accumulate all the XMM calibration observations of Mkn 421 but fail to detect the absorption features seen using the Chandra LETG. However, their limits are consistent - the RGS being less sensitive due to the large number of bad detector columns, lower resolution, and fixed-pattern noise.

Linde et al. review eternal inflation and the multiverse.

Rines & Diaferio match X-ray cluster catalogs and the SDSS to examine infall patterns around 72 clusters. They demonstrate the reliability of the caustic technique for halo mass profiles.

Sereno et al. compare X-ray and SZ data for 25 clusters and estimate oblateness or prolateness. They find an excess of clusters aligned with the line of sight.

Tozzi introduces methods for determining cosmological parameters from X-ray observations of clusters.

Skinner considers the reasons for and against the use of Fresnel lens for focusing gamma- and high energy x-rays.

Nandra considers the emission sites of the narrow Fe K line cores and concludes that they are likely a mix of the inner edge of the torus and broadened emission from the accretion disk.

Garcia derives a simple approximation to the Voigt profile for use in studies of H absorption lines.

Tozzi et al. perform an X-ray spectral analysis of 321 sources in the CDFS.

Finn et al. describe the Testbed for LISA Analysis (TLA) project.

Best et al. look at radio-loud AGN heating as a regulator controlling the rate of growth of galaxies.

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