Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Baker et al. present the gravitational waveforms from the final inspiral and merger of two BHs.

Simpson & Bridle consider the redshift sensitivity of various dark energy surveys.

Davis et al. fit disk-dominated black hole binary X-ray spectra with a number of different models and conclude that BHSPEC works best.

Holder demonstrates that nearly exact likelihood functions can be written down for galaxy cluster surveys.
Bregman et al. present FUSE OVI observations of three cooling flow clusters and find evidence for modest cooling flows down to temperatures of 10^5.5 K.

Begelman et al. describe a mechanism for generating massive black holes directly in the nuclei of protogalaxies without the requirement for a seed stellar mass BH.

Voigt & Fabian use Chandra observations of 12 clusters to determine the core mass profile and in 4 cases find flatter profiles than predicted by CDM. They interpret this as an underestimation of the mass in the center and suggest reasons for this to happen.

Piffaretti & Kaastra apply the effervescent heating model to XMM observations of 16 nearby clusters and find that it works in half the cases.

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