Friday, March 31, 2006


Kunz et al. introduce Bayesian complexity to assess how many effective parameters a data set can support.

Rasia et al. use five simulated galaxy clusters to investigate systematics in the determination of the total mass using X-ray observations.

Martini et al. survey 8 low-z clusters of galaxies for X-ray AGN and conclude that cluster galaxies host an AGN with a much higher frequency than supposed from optical observations.

Davis & Hubeny describe their relativistic, non-LTE atmosphere models for accretion disks in BH binaries.

Bregman & Lloyd-Davies conclude that the soft-excesses seen in clusters using XMM are not associated with the clusters but with Galactic features.

Allen et al. demonstrate a correlation between the Bondi accretion rate and the AGN jet power using Chandra data on 9 nearby ellipticals.

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