Thursday, September 07, 2006

gti extension names for Suzaku

It appears we have an inconsistency in that the standard name for a gti extension used for suzaku is GTI however xselect is currently set up for STDGTI hence is used cleaned event files from processing. Changed xselect.mdb to to use GTI.

Tested what happens if xselect is used on an input event file with a gti name different from that set in the xselect.mdb. Reading event files with the "wrong" name for the gti extension doesn't seem to be a problem however using "load obscat" then "choose" produces an error message. I need to change the code so these cases are dealt with the same way. Also, shouldn't using DSS keywords get round this issue ?

Update: Modified xsel_read.f and xsel_mission.f so that the read and choose commands will work correctly for either STDGTI or GTI. Note that using DSS keywords doesn't help at present - should xselect be modified to use them ?

Keywords: HEAsoft, xselect, Suzaku

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