Thursday, September 14, 2006

PGPLOT - new ps driver

There were a few problems in the HEAsoft 6 release stemming from the new PS driver we introduced. The QDP font command didn't work correctly, the grfont.dat file was switched from binary to ascii introducing conflicts if the user already had PGPLOT installed, and a new file was required also leading to potential conflicts. All these have been fixed in a patch available from the HEAsoft bugs page.

UPDATE: A couple more problems were spotted by Glenn Morris. Symbols didn't work correctly in sub and superscripts and several symbols did not plot. I fixed the sub and superscript problem and at the same time added the ability to deal with multiple levels of sub/superscripts. Some of the symbol problems were due to a typo. Others still remain because there is no equivalent in a PS font for some Hershey symbols. The most important one appears to be the Solar symbol. It may be necessary to handle this one as a special case by writing an "O" then backspacing and shifting vertically and writing a "."

Keywords: HEAsoft, pgplot

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